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Martin AeroTech (MTEC)

About Us

Martin Aero Technologies (MTEC) is a professional engineering and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Designated Engineering Representative (DER) consulting firm that specializes in aircraft Type Certification (TC), Supplemental Type Certification (STC), and Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA).


With our extensive experience in certification and operations, MTEC can support a wide variety of projects from conventional aircraft to Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Our Team

Jose Martin

CEO & Founder

Jose Martin is FAA Management DER, FAA Structure DER, and FAA UAS DER.

Kristen Colarusso-Martin

Director, MBA

Kristin Colarusso-Martin serves as Martin AeroTech's administrative support manager.

Jose Martin & Kristen Colarusso-Martin

MTEC Special Functions

  • Management DER

  • Authorized to manage unmanned aerial system projects which have a 14 CFR 21.17 (b) certification basis, including review of certification plans and operational risk assessments.

What Is an FAA Management DER?

  • Management DERs perform FAA certification project management duties for the Agency, acting as an FAA project manager. They organize the applicant’s certification program, directing, overseeing, and managing technical assessments and findings of compliance.

  • Management DERs ensure that all technical data required to show compliance is reviewed and approved by the appropriate technical DER, except those items reserved by the FAA for approval.

  • Management DERs identify the resources and skills to create the roadmap for success in certification and validation projects.

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Working to provide you with airworthiness and operation certification solutions.

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