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Business Services

Martin AeroTech (MTEC) establishes the key to success by creating a robust safety case that effectively addresses all of the potential risks and hazards associated with the operation and is validated through testing that can provide detailed, relevant supporting data and bring your company project to approval for your design and or operation with the FAA.


Certification Done Right

MTEC understands and follows the regulators' language and roadmap. We're well-versed in knowing where the political and technical landmines are and how to avoid them. Due to our lengthy experience within this field, we have developed many relationships which have granted us exclusive access and reach in the aviation industry.

MTEC will do the work to create the programs and artifacts you, as individuals or companies, will need to get through the certification process successfully.

Services We Provide

1 / Walking Through CAA Process

MTEC helps individuals and companies walk through the CAA process to obtain their objectives from:

  • Type Certificates (TC) for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • Supplement Type Certificates (STC) for Conventional Aircraft

  • Waivers

  • Exemptions

  • Special Conditions

  • Flight Test Permits

2 / Obtaining Foreign Validation

MTEC obtains foreign validation from Civil Aviation Administrators (CAA) such as EASA, TCCA, and ANAC.

3 / Aviation Design & Engineering

MTEC provides aviation design and engineering for projects such as installations, modifications, and equipment.

4 / 3D Scanning Equipment & Personnel

MTEC can provide 3D scanning equipment and personnel to support a range of aviation needs such as Part Manufacturing Approvals (PMAs).

Is MTEC The Right Fit?

Martin AeroTech is a minority-owned business located in the Upstate NY mountains. We can provide service in English, French, and Spanish. Additionally, Martin AeroTech offers a collaborative and cooperative environment where seasoned certification engineers walk your company through the rules, and helps avoid the landmines of certification. 

Operating a Drone

UAS Specialized Services

Our services also include the creation and review of artifacts such as CONOPS, ORA, G-1 Issue Papers, PCSP, Test Plans, Test Reports, and Test Safety Cases.

1 / Concept of Operations (CONOPs)

MTEC creates or guides you in preparing your CONOPs by providing expertise and tools developed to capture the MTEC experience.

2 / ORA

MTEC's experience with FAA orders 8040.4 and 8040.6 helps your company avoid pitfalls during the FAA process for obtaining waivers, exemptions, or type certificates. In addition, MTEC has expertise in EASA Specific Operational Risk Assessment (SORA).

3 / Certification Basis

MTEC's special function on 21.17(b) helps in tailoring the certification basis to achieve that innovative new technologies meet the safety standards. Under the procedures in 14 CFR 21.17(b), the airworthiness requirements for special class aircraft are the portions of the requirements in 14 CFR parts 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, and 35 found by the FAA to be appropriate and applicable to the specific type design and any other airworthiness criteria found by the FAA to provide an equivalent level of safety to the existing standards. MTEC's experience in this area helps create a winning proposal to the FAA.

4 / Detailed Design Standard (DDS)

MTEC guides you or creates the DDS for your company, tailoring it to your specific operating environment and key aircraft technologies. The DDS is the sum of prescriptive standards appropriate for the specific aircraft design, which contain the means of compliance with the performance-based regulations' safety objectives. MTEC helps you negotiate these requirements with the FAA to get a yes!

5 / PSCP

MTEC creates or guides the creation of PSCP, this key tool is instrumental in meeting the 14 CFR Part 21 requirements. It provides a detailed definition of the product and the compliance requirements for successfully completing a specific certification or approval project.

6 / Test Plans & Reports

MTEC can produce a variety of test plans from structure to systems covering DO-160, flammability, and others.

7 / Safety Case

MTEC can support creating or linking specific claims to a body of evidence that justifies these claims in a clear, convincing, and comprehensive way.

8 / Safety

MTEC's subject matter experience on ARP 4754 and ARP 4761 supports the creation of artifacts to meet safety objectives or establishing required processes to meet the safety objectives.

9 / Safety Management System

MTEC supports you to structure, company-wide processes that provide effective risk-based decision-making for daily business functions.

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