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Achieving Aerospace Innovations Through Efficient Certification

We expertly manage risk and propel projects to success.

What Our Clients Say...

“We needed help clarifying drone regulations and operating envelopes in the U.S. at State and Federal levels. An expert level of knowledge from day one. We save time and gained confidence operating in a very complex regulatory aviation environment.”

Alec Wilson, COO at Spexi Geospatial Inc.

Our Services



We help individuals and companies walk through the certification process to achieve their objectives.

Foreign Validation of Airworthiness Certificates

We obtain foreign validation from Civil Aviation Administrators (CAA) such as EASA, TCC, and ANAC.

Design &


We provide aviation design and engineering for projects such as installations, modifications, and equipment.



We can provide 3D scanning equipment and personnel to support a wide range of aviation needs.


  • Management DER
    Management DER creates a framework to help you reduce project risks by establishing processes, identifying skills needed, and creating roadmaps for investors and the company to succeed in certification.
  • Exclusive Access
    Due to our lengthy history within this field, we have developed many relationships which have granted us exclusive access and reach in the aviation industry.
  • DER Functions
    Special function: Management DER Structural Authorized regulations: 14 CFR part 23, part 27 4C. Authorized to manage unmanned aerial system projects which have a 14 CFR 21.17 (b) certification basis including review of certification plans and operational risk assessments.
  • MTEC Team
    MTEC has a vast pool of DERs from different disciplines providing a holistic approach to your projects. In addition, MTEC counts on retiree government employees who provide your company with a vision of how government works, avoiding roadblocks.

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Working with you to provide airworthiness and operation certification solutions.

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